Flight Request Procedures:

Initial enquiries may be made by phone or email.

Flight requests (either seats on a Shuttle flight, or a Charter flight) are made by submitting a completed Flight Booking Request Form (provided by the booking office).

A quotation for the requested flight or seat will be provided by the booking office.

The flight or seat will be confirmed once payment is received for the user contribution.

Additional Information:

The Civil Aviation Authority requires MAF to submit a copy of the passport information page for all non-Bangladeshi passengers for flight clearance approval.

All passengers booked on Shuttle flights or Charter flights must be confirmed at least 3 days (business days) prior to the day of departure.

For Shuttle flights, all seats are booked as “one-way”.

Charter flights are always invoiced for the round-trip flight time.

All MAF flights are highly discounted through our donors; as such MAF reserves the right to book additional passengers and/or cargo on flights that have weight and space available.

Flight requests made 10 days (business days) in advance of the flight may be held for up to 2 days at the request of the organization, otherwise payment is required to hold the flight.

Flight Enquiry Form

*First Name

*Last Name

*Email Address

*Contact Number

*Departure Date (DD-MM-YY)

Return Date (DD-MM-YY)

*Departure Point

*Arrival Point

*Number of Passengers

Baggage Requirements


*Type of Organisation

Additional Remarks